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Crossfire (SE)

Dock ´n` Roll

A demo car with style and flare was needed to launch Alpine’s new portable navigation device, the Blackbird. The Chrysler Crossfire was chosen as best for demonstrating this outstanding new product. The Crossfire was rebuilt in an amazingly short amount of time by Alpine´s installation team.
The inspiration of the demo car design concept was the Blackbird portable navigation device.  Most eye-catching is the blue ring on the top and bonnet of the sporty black car.  It links to the main circle button of the blackbird device. High quality materials like Porsche Nappa leather and Alcantara with titan coloured inlays for the interior accentuates the sporty and high value look.
Installation of the Blackbird device with the docking station into the hatch was extremely simple allowing demonstration outside of the vehicle.

Build-in Products:

  • IVA-W200Ri
  • PXA-H701
  • MRP-F550
  • MRP-M850
  • SPR-17S
  • SPR-17C
  • SPR-13C
  • SWR-1022D
  • TUE-T200DVB
  • PMD-B100P
  • HCE-C100
  • KCE-415i
  • PKG-1000P
  • PMD-B100 Dock