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Feel Your Music
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High-End Headphones


Surprised to see a product from Alpine that is not for in-car use? Well check this out: developed by our Alpine America team, we can now offer the awesome Alpine headphones in Europe as well.
These truly high-end headphones feature what we call a “bass transducer” that literally lets you feel your music. Combine that with amazing sound quality and a truly unique design and you get Alpine experience on the go.

The Alpine headphones are available in white / silver (SV-H300UW) and black / gold (SV-H300UB).


Packed with Unique High-tech

Your music should be felt, not just heard. Part of the joy of live music is the physical experience of the sound waves. With Alpine’s patented TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion technology, you can feel the sound reverberate through your body as you enjoy your own live music experience whenever, wherever. Driven by the amps are two 40mm drivers, one in each ear-piece, and a bass transducer, which sits at the top of the headband, literally pounding the listener’s head with bass. With twin high-performance drivers powered by amplifiers and digital signal processors, our headphones deliver rich, deep audio like you've never experienced.

What’s in the Box

The Alpine headphones come in a beautiful presentation box and include a high-quality cable with 4-pin / 3.5mm jack configuration including volume and phone control buttons compatible with iPhone. You will also find a USB to micro USB cable to charge the internal battery and a soft-pouch carry bag for save storage and transportation. Please note that the optional companion app is only available in the US iTunes and Google Play stores. However the app is not required to operate the headphones.


Headphones white / silver (SV-H300UW)

Headphones black / gold (SV-H300UB)

The Beauty of the Beast

Crisp, refined angles, precision-molded curves, all wrapped in solid blocks of color: the new Alpine headphones are unique in every way. The diamond-shaped ear-pieces feature large, soft ear cushions for highest wearing comfort and give you good isolation from your surroundings. You can even fold-flat the ear-pieces for easier stowage during transportation. The head-band is air cushioned with a high-quality rubber design. On the right ear-piece you find a 3.5mm headphone jack, a micro USB connector to charge the internal battery and a power ON/OFF switch that activates the internal bass transducer and amplifier. You can easily get 10 hours or more of battery life on a single charge and they even function as regular headphones if the battery is empty or if you turn off the bass transducer.

The Alpine headphones are available in white / silver (SV-H300UW) and black / gold (SV-H300UB).


Ausstattung & Spezifikationen


  • TKR3 Full Frequency Immersion Technology: simulates the experience of listening to live music
  • Diamond-shaped ear-piece design featuring 40mm high-end drivers
  • Fixed, rechargeable Li-ion battery with 10-hour capacity
  • iPhone- and iPad-compatible audio cable
  • USB to micro USB charging cable
  • Soft pouch carry bag


  • Impedance:    30Ω±20%at1kHz
  • Frequency response: 15Hz - 24,000Hz
  • Sound pressure level: 107dB ± 3dB at 1kHz max
  • Total harmonic distortion: <0.1%at1mW/1kHz