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Unlimited Installation Possibilities
KIT-902-FT-Freestyle-Installation-Kit-in-Fiat-Panda KIT-902-FT-Freestyle-Installation-kit-in-Mercedes-G-Class KIT-902-FT-Freestyle-Installation-Kit-for-X902D-F_X902DC-F

Tablet-type display installation kit for the Freestyle 9-inch Navigation System X903D-F / X903DC-F / X902D-F / X902DC-F


This add-on installation KIT allows installation of the 9-inch Freestyle display and buttons for the X903D-F / X903DC-F / X902D-F / X902DC-F.

If you like to create a custom installation with a 9-inch Freestyle display, this kit will offer you many new possibilities how to place the monitor in your vehicle.

Informations générales

All necessary parts included - Freestyle Installation Kit - KIT-902-FT

All necessary parts included

The KIT-902-FT includes a black, high-gloss monitor-housing and basic installation brackets. This is a good starting point for creating custom installations with a free-standing touch-screen display.

Button installation - Freestyle Installation Kit -  KIT-902-FT

Button installation

You can easily install the two button sets of the X902D-F / X902DC-F in the prepared button space in the monitor housing.

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