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Peugeot RCZ Our latest democar, the Peugeot RCZ is a perfect example for elegance and fun. Every day we are surrounded by copper but nobody considered it as a design element for cars. Combining black leather and copper puts the Alpine products

Fiat 500 Cup (Europe) A multimedia power house The Alpine demo car is based on a MS Design-refined Fiat 500 Cup model.  Alpine installer Manfred Stengl and his team completely revamped the interior which is built to make a feature of th

(UK) Passat CC GT All too often, car audio show cars are just that - show cars. They may be very pretty; they may be very loud - but it is rare to find a car that truly looks and sounds great. At Alpine, we set a goal with the new show car

Alpine R32 (UK) Stealth Install with a Twist Alpine’s Volkswagen Golf R32 showcases the In-Car Multi Media Station; the IVA-W505R, which boasts superb visual quality and audio clarity. The amazing sound is produced by using Alpine’s IMP

IMPRINT IDC1 Build-in Products: CDA-9887R – CD / MP3 / WMA / AAC Receiver PXE-H650 – System Integration Audio Processor VPA-B211P – VehicleHub™ NVE-N099P – DVD GPS Car Navigation System DHA-S690 – 6 Disc DVD-Changer TUE-T150D

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