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Alpine Freeview – More Visibility and Awareness for Your Safety
DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-installed-Ducato8 DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-installed-Ducato8-side DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-for-Motorhomes-and-Camper-Vans DME-R1200_front_on_autobahn DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-for-Motorhomes-and-Camper-Vans_night DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-for-Motorhomes-and-Camper-Vans-angle DME-R1200_Digital-Rear-Mirror-for-Motorhomes-and-Camper-Vans-camera

Digital Rear Mirror for Motorhomes and Camper Vans


Being aware of what is happening behind your motorhome or camper van is essential for driving safety. However, the visibility offered by most recreational or delivery vehicles has inherent limitations. The view is often obstructed by fully closed rear-ends of the vehicle, making it impossible for the driver to see what’s happening directly behind.

Alpine has developed the perfect solution: the DME-R1200 - a digital rearview mirror with a built-in 12” Full HD monitor displaying images from a high-res HDR camera mounted on the rear of the vehicle. You are able to see traffic conditions behind your motorhome or camper van through the clear video imagery, as well as use it like an analogue rearview mirror (when tuned off) to check on passengers and pets in the rear. This highly increases driving safety and convenience.

The high-quality HDR camera and image processing system achieves rearview image clarity in the Alpine Freeview mirror with minimal glare, even during sunrise or sunset conditions, or when being followed at night by a vehicle with strong headlights.

The Alpine DME-R1200 is a universal product and requires optionally available vehicle-specific installation brackets. You can find an overview of the installation brackets in the “Features & Specs” tab below.


Alpine Digital Mirror - A New Level of Convenience and Safety

Alpine Digital Mirror - A New Level of Convenience and Safety

Most motorhomes, camper vans and delivery / craftsman vans have fully closed backs, making inside mirrors useless – if there even is one. The 12” Alpine Digital Mirror DME-R1200 fully solves this problem by adding the convenience of simply looking up to see what’s behind you. This highly increases driving safety and makes maneuvering your vehicle much easier and more comfortable.

See What’s Behind You – In Full HD

Excellent Night Vision

See What’s Behind You – In Full HD

The DME-R1200 uses a brilliant Full HD screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and features excellent brightness for perfect visibility in bright daylight. The included rear camera uses 2M pixels to pick-up any detail and can be installed inside or outside of your vehicle (depending on if you have a rear window or not).

Excellent Night Vision

High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology ensures optimal exposure and vibrant details, even at night and allows you to see the rear surrounding perfectly despite headlights of other vehicles. The mirror automatically dims the brightness to avoid distracting you while driving in darkness.

Reduced Blind-Spots – Increased Safety

Works Also As Regular Mirror

Reduced Blind-Spots – Increased Safety

The included rear camera features a lens-angle of 140-degrees to all sides and therefore reduces blind spots to the rear left and right significantly. You can fully adjust the viewing angle from your digital mirror by simply dragging your finger over the screen in the direction you want to adjust.

Works Also As Regular Mirror

There is a power button at the front of the mirror housing. If you press it, the display turns off instantly, revealing a fully reflective mirror surface that can be used as a regular rear view mirror (for example to take a short look at the inside of your motorhome while driving or to use the mirror as a make-up aid).

Installation Brackets for Many Vehicles

Optional 10m Camera Cable

Installation Brackets for Many Vehicles

The DME-R1200 Digital Mirror is a universal product and always requires an additional vehicle-specific installation bracket to be installed in your motorhome or van. Alpine offers a wide range of installation brackets for all popular outdoor vehicles, such as the Fiat Ducato, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (906 / 907), VW Crafter 2 and T6.1 and many others. Please see the “Features & Specs” section below for a full overview of available brackets.

Optional 10m Extension Camera Cable

The Alpine DME-R1200 digital rear view mirror is supplied with a rear view camera, which is connected via a 6 m long connection cable. If you need a longer connection cable, you can extend the standard cable with the optionally available 10 m extension cable KWX-DM01.

Ausstattung & Spezifikationen



  • Size: 11.8 inches (29,9cm)
  • Resolution: 1920 x 440 pixels Full HD


  • Pixels: 2 Million
  • Lens Angle: H: 110°, V: 55°
  • Frame Rate: 28fps
  • F Value: 1.8
  • Cable length: 6m
  • Optional 10m replacement camera cable available (KWX-DM01)


  • Power Supply Voltage: 12 V (rated 15.4 V)
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to 60°C
  • Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C

External Size

  • Digital Mirror: 307 x 88.4 x 34.7mm
  • External rear Camera: 40 x 30.3 x 41.7mm


  • Digital Mirror: 430g
  • External rear Camera: 57g

Car-Specific Installation Brackets (optionally available)

  • KTX-DME-DUC Installation Bracket for Fiat Ducato (2014 -> now)
  • KTX-DME-907 Installation Bracket for MB Sprinter 907
  • KTX-DME-906 Installation Bracket for MB Sprinter 906
  • KTX-DME-ID Installation Bracket for Iveco Daily
  • KTX-DME-TRA7 Installation Bracket for Ford Transit 7
  • KTX-DME-TRA7C Installation Bracket for Ford Transit Custom 7
  • KTX-DME-CRA2 Installation Bracket for VW Crafter 2
  • KTX-DME-T61 Installation Bracket for VW T6.1
  • KTX-DME-MA32 Installation Bracket for Renault Master


these installation brackets are currently under development and will become available model by model from autumn 2023 to early 2024. Please contact your Alpine dealer for availability.

  • KWX-DM01_10m-Camera-Replacement-Cable-for-Alpine-DME-R1200-Digital-Mirror
    10m Camera Extension Cable for Alpine DME-R1200 Digital Mirror
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